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If the cover already has a title, can I change it?

Yes, absolytely. The titles of the premades are only for esthetic purposes and will be changed to yours.

How many revisions are included if I buy a premade cover?

Three revisions are included when you buy a premade cover to make sure that we can turn the cover into your cover. After the third revision, if you want additional changes, even months or years after the purchase, for rebranding purposes, each additional revision costs $50.

What if I already have a picture?

If you already bought a picture, you can contact us through the contact form and we will discout the custom package in order to exclude the time and money the designer would have spent looking for the perfect picture. It is important to know, although, that the pictures must have been purchased from either stock photo websites or from photographers. We waive any responsibility in case of pictures covered by copyright.

Are the pictures in these covers exclusive?

We use stock photos and pictures covered by a creative commons license, meaning that other designers can use the same pictures for their projects. However, here at Book Cover Kingdom, we always add a special touch to the images and try to edit them in such a way that each design is unique and will differ from possible similar covers. Also, every cover sold on the website will only be sold once and the same image will never be used again.

When is the best time to buy a cover for my book?

Some authors are inspired by a cover and that is what drives them to actually create a story, but most commonly it is safest to wait until the book is finished and going through the editing process. If you are going to publish the paperback version, you will need to know the blurb, exact number of pages, the color of the paper, and the overall dimensions for the designer to size the book correctly. We can also make designs on an average template and size it for publication once you know the information, but overall it's a good rule of thumb to at least be already writing the book, just to make sure that you are buying a cover you will actually use.

Can I reserve a premade cover, if I cannot buy it now?

You can contact us through the contact form and we will reserve the cover for 30 days. If someone else expresses their interest in the cover, we will tell them that it has been reserved but nor purchased yet. If at the end of the 30 days the cover has not been purchased, then it will be sold to the next customer.

Can I get a refund if I change my mind about the cover?

You can get a 100% refund if the designer has not made any edits to it. Since we offer three rounds of edits for each cover, each round the cover has gone through decreases 25% of the refund. If the cover has gone through one round of edits, you will get refunded 75% of the original price, after two rounds you will be refunded 50% of the original price, and after all three rounds you will only be refunded 25% of the price. In case of a refund, the original cover will be placed on the market again.

How long does it take for a cover to be ready?

If you buy a premade cover, you will receive the first draft within the first 72 hours after letting us know the title, author name etc. If you wish to edit any aspect of it, we offer three rounds of edits included in the price, and the timing varies depending on what you want to change. On average, from the moment you buy the cover, it should not take more than two weeks, even after all three rounds of edits. For custom covers, timing varies depending on the type of cover, genre, etc. From the consultation, expect two to three weeks.




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